Square Mile Food Bank

Support the Food Bank

Donate food or money to Age UK City of London

This is for all residents in need across the Square Mile, regardless of age.

As with everything these days, We are not certain exactly how this will work. Once we get a better idea of what the demand will be, everything will become clearer. The logistics will also be more complicated due to Covid. 

We are seeking non perishable items and ‘Back of the store cupboard’ items are welcome. But if you do want to donate your store cupboard items, please check the ‘use by’ date. This is very important, because Age UK City of London can not be responsible for delivering potentially unsafe food. Due to the virus, we want as little handling of all items in order to protect both volunteers and recipients.

The list below is not exhaustive, but details some of the high need items


Long life milk or Powdered Milk
Tins of meat, fish, fruit, veg
Baked beans, soup, spaghetti
Rice and Pasta
Spreads like jam, peanut butter, marmite
Sweet and savoury biscuits
Tea, coffee, sugar
Long life fruit juice


Loo Roll
Shower Gel
Washing up liquid

This important work will still be ongoing despite the lockdown announced this week.

Our initial plan is to arrange two collection points every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 10 – 11.  

In front of Lauderdale Tower, Lauderdale Place for Barbican and non Barbican residents.

Outside the Lilac Room, Seddon North Stairs 02, (near the Estate Office) for Barbican Residents and keyholders.

We may change these hours, depending on how well they work

If you would like to financially support this initiative, or Age UK’s wider work in the City of London, you can donate by clicking the button below. Please write “This donation is for the City of London” in the message box, on the last screen before payment is taken.

Or if you would like to support us in another way, I am sure we can arrange it.

Rest assured that if this money is not required for the food bank, it will be used by Age UK City of London to further its work supporting residents in the City.

Anyone who would like to Volunteer or feels they may have a food need, please email SquareMileFoodBank@gmail.com

Follow us on Twitter @SqMile_Foodbank

Donations are now being accepted.

Alice Westlake, Age UK City of London

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